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User Adoption Consulting Services

Ensure your investment in technology pays off for you and the end-user. 


Netrix’s User Adoption Community

An online community to help you, the end-user, cut through the noise and explore resources and materials with the least amount of confusion.

Microsoft Teams Consulting Services

Netrix helps organizations leverage Microsoft Teams to increase employee productivity, improve collaboration across the organization, and enable innovation

A lot of time and money has been spent on new technology for your digital workplace. Will it be used? Take a look at our User Adoption Services.

Bridge the disconnect

Users are intimidated by new technology. They may have preconceived notions that new technology has to be complex. They may also still have dated perceptions of IT due to lack of awareness and training or lack of user adoption consulting services. All this puts users in the prime position to avoid using new technology, resulting in your investment failing to deliver results.

An added obstacle is the disconnect between what leadership wants versus what users need. Users may not feel like IT leadership knows what they need. And to add even another layer of difficulty, IT leadership is often constrained by what the executives want.

We work for engaged, happy end-users.

We believe that starting with the end-user helps clients establish an understanding of user needs to be able to design a technology solution fit for their organization’s culture, not the other way around. That’s how Netrix’s User Adoption consulting team works.

  • How will you leverage collaboration technology to enhance the culture of your firm?
  • How will you ensure your users are prepared for change?
  • What technology will you deploy in the new workspace to better connect your employees?
  • Do you have a communication strategy in place?
  • Do you have a good handle on employee workflow, and how people want to work?
  • Is the help desk typically taxed when new technology is rolled out?
  • Is your training program equipped to measure success?

Netrix can help answer these questions. Whether you are in the planning phases of a technology refresh or have already deployed new technology we can assist in guiding your organization to better user adoption.

user adoption consulting services
user adoption services

1) Envisioning

It is critical to understand your technology culture, and the different ways employees use technology and existing workflow.


We collect data through surveys, stakeholder interviews, and group sessions. The data collected paints a picture of the current state of the collaboration environment. Netrix’s user adoption consulting services team will detail common themes, identify an opportunity through use case narratives and alignment to technology.


The final deliverable is designed to facilitate discussion and serves as a starting point for concepts, recommendations, and key considerations. Netrix can provide envisioning for any end-user impacting technology initiative.

2) Change Communication

WE HAVE A PROVEN TRACK RECORD OF BOOSTING awareness IN THE END USER and DRIVING THE desire to adopt new technology.

Poor communications and bad timing can lead to poor end-user experience. We create custom communications that align with your culture.  Regardless of your current communication plan, the Netrix team can provide messaging and communication strategies to help increase user adoption.

3) Training

By taking a holistic approach to user adoption, our training plans help deliver a positive user experience. 


We offer various training methods designed to accommodate an individual’s skillset and realize that training should not be considered a one size fits all solution. Our goal is to not only provide training but to empower the end-user to be more efficient with their new tools.


Web-based training designed to provide a complete technology overview to a large audience.
Remote Training
Web-based and interactive end-user focused training.
Train the Trainer
Sample training session, review of the target audience, curriculum design and preparation, and complete knowledge transfer.
Classroom Style
Hands-on approach with a customized curriculum and training materials provided.
Demo tours
For conference room or workspace refreshes, a walking tour of your new environment sets the tone for understanding what technology is enabled in new spaces and how these spaces work together. They paint a clear picture of your vision of collaboration.


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