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Netrix SEO - Case Study

Client: Food Packaging Company

The Problem

April 1st 2015: The current site was previously under a different domain so when was redirected, some authority and search presence was passed. The Google Analytics data on this site begins on August 24th, 2014. Before we began our work the site had drawn 1,066 organic visits. Below you can see the monthly traffic for the site before we began was showing a little growth - but we knew we could do better:

It peaked at 200 visitors per month. Its search presence was not great. Most of its organic visits were coming from branded search terms. Over the previous 3 months before we began our work the site showed up 5775 times for 388 non-branded queries but generating very little traffic from them.

The site itself was suffering from a severe lack of content, poor url structure and a weak attempt at optimization. Specifically, there was no meaty content on the on the top-level pages, pages titles and header tags were either not optimized or not present and the url structure of the catalog was not optimal.

The Solution

  • Step 1: Add content to the all top-level pages and improve page titles
  • Step 2: Build an internal link structure
  • Step 3: Redo catalog to improve usability and url structure
  • Step 4: Build out additional pages to better target what searchers were looking for
  • Step 5: Get client to regularly update blog – Finally started in January!

The Results

We have seen outstanding results with driving more organic traffic to the site. See the graphs below:

Traffic has increased tremendously and is really rocking since the start of the year. Over the past 90 days the website has shown up in search results 39,801 times compared to 5,775 in the 90 days before we began our work, an increase of nearly 7X! Below you can see a comparison of the past 6 months compared to the previous year. You can see that the traffic has more than doubled when compared to the previous year!

While huge gains in organic traffic looks great on the surface, what matters most is that these increases result in more business for the client. This client has seen a dramatic increase in website contact form fill outs, direct emails and phone calls than they expected – all as a direct result of SEO.

When you are ready to drive more traffic to your website and increase your revenue, talk to Netrix’s Online Marketing Team. We’ll design an SEO plan that meets your needs and your budget.