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Envisioning, Change Communication, and Training

Technology ROI is measured by user demand and overall happiness of the users with the technology.  Netrix's approach to user adoption services was strategically developed to increase user satisfaction, adoption and to help provide you with the utmost return on your technology investment.  

Netrix provides you with a three-part solution that starts with the end-user first enabling you to understand exactly how your end-users are working. We then align the right technology with your workforce and provide change communication management services to ease the challenges that come from people migrating to a new technology. Finally, we provide training through  custom user guides, custom videos, and recorded training sessions built with simplicity in mind to get your users actively working within the technology immediately and without hesitation. 

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Our pledge to our customers is to solve every problem in the most up-to-date solution available.

"We take technology and translate it into clear, actionable capabilities to impact user workflow." Pam Hoover
Practice Director


Envision: A data-driven way to create, communicate, visualize, organize and strategize in real time.

Technology is no doubt an investment from any organization's perspective. When thinking about the end user, understanding what technology to invest in becomes more strategic. We believe in starting with the end user, aligning technology to workflows, and using real user data to provide better recommendations for the right technology and use case. Part of our job is to balance the needs and expectations for IT leaders, business leaders, and end users. Doing this, aligns business groups and roles in understanding how best to take advantage of technology. Envisioning provides a roadmap for organizations to meet their users' needs.

How We Do It

1. Research: The purpose is to gain an understanding of the technology culture, the different ways employees use existing technology, the current perspective toward technology, and the existing workflow. Data can be collected through user community surveys, one-to-many stakeholder interviews, and/or group sessions. As part of project mobilization, Netrix will work with project sponsors to identify specific participants and setup sessions. 

2. Assess:  The purpose of this phase is to analyze the results of the surveys and interviews and describe the current state of the collaboration environment. Any existing data or studies will also be reviewed as part of this process. Netrix will detail common themes and identify opportunities and alignment to technologies.

3. Present: The final deliverable is designed to facilitate discussion and serves as a starting point for concepts, recommendations and key considerations. 

Envisioning Options:

Netrix can envision for any end-user impacting technology initiative. These are common practice areas where we have helped client's with envisioning:

Integrated Collaboration Services 

Our goal is to gain a better understanding of how workplace technology is being utilized by end-users across multiple business units to develop an efficient collaboration solution designed specifically for the client's use cases.

Microsoft 365

Our objective is to better understand how these features and capabilities would be adopted within the organization and which features and capabilities offer the greatest value.


Our objective is to analyze how our clients utilize their current unified communication infrastructure. Engaging the end-users to discover their day-to-day workflow, workplace culture, and collaboration tendencies, will enable us to provide an end to end, all-inclusive UCaaS experience.

Envisioning provides recommendations for the following cloud-based unified communications solutions:

  • sVX powered by Skype for Business
  • cVX powered by Cisco
  • nVX powered by TetraVX





We commit ourselves to staying at the head of the curve of today’s technological trends. We’re experts at being up to date with the tools and technologies you need.


End User Adoption: Bridging the Gap Between IT and End Users 

As organizations increasingly leverage technology as a workflow experience, it's critical to position a communication plan that can articulate the message clearly and in detail, with integrity and authenticity. The consumer of the technology receiving this messaging must be ready to listen, understand, and trust the messaging. The delivery should align with the culture of the organization and the content of the message must be powerful enough to energize the consumers of the technology and incite excitement for the change and adopt new technologies.
The Netrix Change Communication practice is designed to do that for clients who are deploying new technologies or creating change with existing technology.

The End User is Our Hero

Traditionally, technology companies design from a technology-first perspective, not from an end-user experience perspective. Netrix does things differently. We start by studying the end-users to determine how they'll use the technology.

The Netrix Change Communication Team has a laser sharp focus on the end-user. Disparate and inconsistent communications, poor timing, lack of consumable messaging can all lead to poor end-user experience.

We believe in creating custom communications strategies and assets that align with your cultre. One size does not fit all and in order to make a technology transition smooth, we must consider the user and the impact to workflow.

Types of Assets:

  • Email
  • Infographics
  • Custom Video
  • Quick Reference Guides


The Importance of Training in Technology

Our User Adoption Services program understands the importance of training as part of any new technology implementation. By taking a holistic approach to user adoption, our training plans help deliver a postive user experience. At Netrix, we offer various training mehtods designed to accomodate an individual's skill set and realize that training should not be considered a one size fits all solution.

Our goal is to not only provide training, but to empower the end-user to maximize their effeciency with the tools they have been provided. As an end-user first organization, our training solutions will leave your workforce feeling confident and ready for the future.

Training Programs

  • Skype for Business - Unified Communication
  • Collaboration Technology (Digital Whiteboard, Content Sharing, Microsoft Surface Hub, Audio/Video Conferencing)


Typical Use Cases
  • Executives
  • Executive Admins
  • General Users
  • Power Users

Training Methods

  • Webinar:  Web-based training designed to provide a complete technology overview to a large audience.
  • Remote Training:  Web-based and interactive end-user focused training.
  • Train the Trainer:  Sample training session, review of target audience, curriculum design and preparation, and complete knowledge transfer.
  • Classrooom Style: Hands-on approach with a customized curriculum and training materials provided.

We are here to enable each member of your workforce by providing our professional expertise in a style best suited for the end-user's learning style.

Training Materials Typically Include:

  • Custom Videos
  • Recorded Training Sessions
  • Custom User Guides


We own it

From the executive offices to the folks in the trenches, every Netrix employee is committed to fix a problem where it is found. We ensure quality and excellent work from the ground up.

“We view end user adoption as a holistic approach. Centralized training is an important component to our envisioning and change communication programs to think about the user start to finish.”

Pam Hoover
Practice Director

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