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The economically-motivated criminals of today are highly aggressive and persistent, leveraging the same advanced attacks and tools as nation-states. Meanwhile, businesses are pressured to adapt and improve their security program with a lack of the necessary resources and expertise needed to protect against attacks. They are struggling to find ways to best protect their assets and data while maintaining productivity and meeting customer needs. Our IT consulting services include expertise in the following areas:

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"We seek to understand the needs of our client’s business and then we ensure their network perfectly aligns." Vladimir Gotsev
Practice Director


Assess, Plan, Build and Run Successful Security Programs

Netrix understands the only way to reach the highest level in our customer’s security maturity level is to improve the three pillars: people, process, and technology.  To do this, we provide a comprehensive assessment methodology to help businesses improve in all three of these areas. This is done by first working with the customer to understand their core business, how they operate, and what is critical. We then provide custom-tailored assessments and testing in security policies, procedures, controls, and architecture.  Then we make recommendations to minimize risk to best protect your business.

In addition, what sets Netrix apart from other security advisory firms is that our services don’t end with our recommendations. Instead, we continue to provide in remediation and ongoing support services.


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