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Your Business is Stronger in the Cloud

Utilizing the cloud is a proven way to conduct business more efficiently. It can also result in fewer operational issues, better resource utilization, new business models, and fewer capital expenditures. The Netrix Online Productivity Practice Group leverages cloud solutions to achieve these business productivity and process efficiencies for your organization.

Netrix IT consultants work with you to create a personalized, roadmap outlining your requirements for cloud productivity solutions, which encompasses public and private cloud solutions as well as hybrid cloud solutions (a combination of public and private).

The Netrix Online Productivity Practice Group features:

  • Directory services and identity management: secure authentication and identity of users across applications and clouds
  • Messaging migration and productivity solutions: email platform migrations, including mergers and acquisitions, helping clients manage a purchased company's infrastructure into their own, collaboration websites and enterprise social networking
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): tracking and ranking business leads
  • Business intelligence and data analytics: streaming analytics and cloud solution reporting
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions from public cloud providers (Microsoft Azure and Amazon)

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Our pledge to our customers is to solve every problem in the most up-to-date solution available.

"In an increasingly remote world, how do we blend boardroom to living room? We deal with how people work in their days and in their lives." Don Penland
Practice Director


Every Netrix client relationship begins with a deep dive into your business, including an assessment that helps us unpack your business objectives. After that, we envision and define business requirements that allows us to design a bespoke solution. Next, we pilot the solution and leverage findings to help address and meet any additional business requirements. Once the solution is built, we plan for a long term deployment, including operations and support and a managed services contract if necessary.
Netrix works heavily onsite with clients during the process, as we believe in a constant knowledge transfer taking place. If a customer wants to “drive the mouse” as we coach them through the process, we are comfortable with that. If clients want us to work with them in a turnkey manner, we can do it as well.

A Unified Approach to IT

After a solution has been implemented, Netrix monitors and measures analytics data to ensure employees are leveraging the technologies put in place. We also revisit business objectives to ensure your team is utilizing technology according to your goals. Netrix Change Communications Practice can help optimize and improve system and business performance by ensuring your team is using IT systems to their fullest potential.

Our Online Productivity Technologies Include:
  • Microsoft Azure Enterprise Mobility Suite: Azure Infrastructure As a Service (IAAS), Azure Platform As a Service (PAAS)
  • Office 365: Exchange, Sharepoint online, Skype for Business, Yammer, Microsoft Delve,
  • Google: Google Apps
  • Amazon: Amazon Web Services, Amazon Infrastructure Services



We commit ourselves to staying at the head of the curve of today’s technological trends. We’re experts at being up to date with the tools and technologies you need.


Why We're Better

A Human-Centric Approach to Technology

Netrix has a human-centric approach to business productivity solutions. The central tenant of this means we examine how users are interacting with technology day to day. This process allows us to leverage the cloud to create faster and cheaper business processes for you.

Netrix Online Productivity Practice Group Features:

  • Security and compliance solutions for every scale
  • Leveraging the cloud where appropriate to maximize return on investment
  • A team composed of many former business owners, creating a holistic perspective that extends beyond technology.
  • A devoted and entrenched team, from planning to delivery
  • The capabilities of a full service agency with the efficiency of a mid-sized team
  • Collaboration with the Netrix network to maximize capabilities and efficiency, bringing more possibilities to each project

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We own it

From the executive offices to the folks in the trenches, every Netrix employee is committed to fix a problem where it is found. We ensure quality and excellent work from the ground up.

“Deploying technology for technology’s sake is the opposite of what we do.” Don Penland
Director of Online Productivity

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