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Envision and Architect with the Highest SLAs

Network Infrastructure Services

Netrix’s  Network Infrastructure Services team helps customers envision and architect their network with the highest service level agreement possible.

Network Infrastructure Management

When your network isn’t working, you aren’t either. Network downtime is a loss for your business, robbing you of valuable resources and revenue each minute. That’s why the Netrix Network Infrastructure Services Practice Group architects secure resilient networks that minimize downtime to keep your revenue source running and your business online. The Netrix Network Infrastructure Consulting Services Practice Group handles three types of projects: refreshes of existing network infrastructures, custom builds of network infrastructures, and network security for service providers.

Network Infrastructure Refresh

We do whatever it takes to get our customers’ networks to a place that meets current business demands. In a network refresh, we retrofit or modify a network infrastructure design so that it operates at an optimum level.

Network Infrastructure Custom Build

There are many services we can provide with a custom build. These typically involve a move from one office to the next by designing a brand new environment for your network, minimizing transition risks. We also architect unified communications solutions.

Network Infrastructure for Service Providers

A third capability of the Network Infrastructure Services Practice Group is helping service providers secure and enhance their networks.

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Taking a Second Look into a Banks Network

First Midwest Bank received a core network refresh from another technology partner that didn’t live up to standards, that’s when Netrix was hired.

Network Capabilities

Netrix identifies client needs, helps architect solutions, implements those solutions, and provides ongoing support.

The Netrix Network Infrastructure Services Group works with data center-related networks as well as enterprise-level networks to support underlying applications and connectivity. The Network Infrastructure Services Group interacts with your entire company in a hands-on approach to help you understand the importance of a strong network, showcasing what is business critical and what is not.

Network Infrastructure Capabilities
  • Wireless networks for enterprise
  • Edge services for enterprise
  • Mobile edge networks: security, connectivity, increasing redundancies, and more
  • Software networking solution Juniper contrail
  • Software networking solutions from Cisco ACI
  • Software networking solutions from Vmware NSX

Simplifying IT Complexity for Your Business

As a leader in IT consulting, Netrix provides the best of breed IT solutions to organizations around the world. We hold high levels of technical certifications with all major business technology vendors. Our team focuses on working across technologies to deliver custom, integrated solutions to meet our clients’ business needs.

The IT Expert Difference

Netrix understands more than just network capabilities.

Our engineers possess a solid understanding of systems and security as well as unified communications and can provide business-relevant networking solutions. Each team member understands business requirements and translates them into network solutions tailored to meet customer needs.

High Engineer Standards
  • Our highly accredited engineers are Cisco and Juniper certified networking experts.
  • Our team is constantly being trained in the latest technologies, always updating certifications for multiple manufacturers to design, architect, and deliver private cloud solutions as well as networking and defined data center solutions.
  • With a diversified and broad-reaching Netrix team, we build more relevant networks.
  • The Netrix team has the ability to work across all IT service.
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