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In a fast moving and mobile corporate world, the Netrix Enterprise Computing and Mobility Practice Group guides clients through products and services related to security and streamlining efficiencies for end user computing, corporate data security, and intellectual property. Netrix helps clients manage an unlimited number of desktops and mobile devices to improve user experience. As a result, every interaction is as simple and seamless as possible for the end user.

By definition, end users are our primary focus. The technologies and solutions we design and deploy simplify the management of end user devices and enhances how they experience the computing environment. From desktop computers to mobile devices, we enable streamlined software installs, security patches, automation, and even offer ways to optimize our clients’ device and IT inventories.

Mobility is another core focus of our group, including mobile device management, which, among other benefits, helps corporations manage and control sensitive data remotely. With the ability to seamlessly connect desktop and mobile devices with management software systems, we offer companies a great way to secure intellectual property. With added control comes peace of mind, offering protection in instances where devices are lost or employees leave, as we are able to selectively remove corporate data and IP from devices. Netrix makes every task related to our remote world more efficient.

  • Operating System Migration
  • Desktop Management
  • New Computer Purchases
  • New Computer Setup
  • Deploying Applications
  • Patching
  • Software Inventory
  • Manual setup
  • Slow logons
  • Encryption
  • Compliance
  • Reporting
  • Profile Management
  • Asset Management Solutions



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Our pledge to our customers is to solve every problem in the most up-to-date solution available.

"We've created a model to provide strategic consulting in alignment with our clients." Neil Parekh
Practice Director
"We aim to make the user experience through devices as seamless as possible for our clients." Jay Parekh
Practice Director

How We Do It

Netrix is inherently client-driven, optimizing user touch points at every opportunity. We look to automate and streamline every process, heightening experiences across devices for end users.

Integrity is also an inherent value of the Netrix team and we are adept at putting client needs first. Each project carries the goal of demonstrating ways our clients can operate more intelligently. First, we work to understand our client’s current environment, examining how clients manage their current device and desktop infrastructure as well as a crucial evaluation related to the user experience.

In addition to offering optimization, we look to how we can compliment existing services, educating clients on current investments and ways to help employees adopt new technologies through training, managed services and ongoing support. Netrix End User and Mobility computing solutions are tailored to be industry-specific, turning any laptop into a user friendly, thoroughly compatible industry specific tool to help operate optimally whether it’s healthcare, legal, education or any other environment requiring connectivity.

Netrix End User Computing and Mobility Practice Group strengths:

  • Desktop device management
  • Mobile device management
  • IT service management solutions (ITSM): tracking of the owners and managers of devices, warranty tracking, and tools to manage IT service desks
  • ITAM desktop management: partnering with the Microsoft systems family to manage software and hardware assets.
  • Self-service helpdesk technologies in which clients can ask questions, track IT issues and more through a dedicated portal
  • Client operating system migrations: operating system refresh using Systems Center Configuration Manager, and other third party tools to optimize migration
  • 24/7 managed services to provide ongoing support



We commit ourselves to staying at the head of the curve of today’s technological trends. We’re experts at being up to date with the tools and technologies you need.


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Why We're Better

The Netrix End User Computing and Mobility Practice Group provides end-to-end services. What we do is not just about deploying a computer, it’s about providing everything from custom applications to user experience to 24/7 support.

Netrix features:

  • Utilization of Microsoft National Systems Integrator
  • Integration of third party groups to extend the life cycle of any solution
  • Building of a holistic user experience via Netrix cross-practice collaboration

Every device is managed with the Microsoft Systems Center Suite of three products:

  • Configuration manager: primary tool to manage end user devices
  • Service manager: IT service desk tool
  • Orchestrator: controls automation and account creation
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We own it

From the executive offices to the folks in the trenches, every Netrix employee is committed to fix a problem where it is found. We ensure quality and excellent work from the ground up.

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