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Enterprise AV Consulting Services

In the modern age of remote working, reliable connectivity, messaging, and video conferencing is a necessity. See how Netrix is changing the office AV landscape with AV-as-a-Service (AVaaS).

Integrated Collaboration Services

The Netrix Enterprise AV Consulting Services Group helps clients utilize state-of-the-art audio-visual technologies to create more efficient workflows and work spaces.
We deliver customized Enterprise AV systems and solutions designed and built to our clients’ precise specifications. With expert engineering capabilities and world-class partnerships with companies like Microsoft and Cisco, our integrated collaboration systems enable clients to connect quickly and easily through touch points that optimize the way they collaborate with colleagues and clients alike. Our services include:

Envision the Office of Your Future

Many workplaces have not caught up with the modern employee and their needs within today’s business environments. A company’s workspace should adapt to meet the cultural shifts that have evolved into today’s norms. This is particularly true of the non-collaborative office environments of old compared to the tech-enabled offices of today that draw the hottest talent and enable people to connect and collaborate in seamless ways. Whatever the future vision for your company, we are the ones who align it with a space that fits that vision. The Netrix comprehensive suite of products and services includes:

  • Design build capabilities: planning from beginning to end of relocation project
  • IT budgeting
  • Network infrastructure planning and implementation
  • Task-specific remote planning
  • Restacking of existing spaces
  • Office-in-a-Box

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Modular design which allows for growth

Netrix Enterprise AV Consulting Services team undertakes comprehensive technology assessments for our clients, where we uncover exactly what each client needs. Equally as important is our ability to redevelop systems that are overly complex and results in users under utilizing their collaboration technologies. With expert guidance, Netrix Integrated Collaboration Systems will provide exactly the right solution to suit each client’s specific requirements and offer a future proof system that allows for growth and universal connectivity.

It all starts with strategy and design

Our consulting services include:

  • Vision Alignment
  • Infrastructure
  • Innovation
  • Roadmap Consulting

Workspaces for Collaboration

Take advantage of our experience to help your teams stay in sync with industry trends, technology best practices and corporate strategy. To us, the end user holds the key to understanding how a company’s employees want to leverage a workspace. Building end-user friendly environments increases communication in your organization, increases productivity, and improves employee satisfaction by enabling people in and out of your organization to collaborate quickly and easily through a host of IT and telecommunications solutions. Want some advice on your interactive environments and how we can help?

  • Video Meeting Solutions (Device, Desktop, Room, Cloud)
  • Collaborative Spaces (Huddle Rooms, Classrooms, Open Collaboration)
  • Experience Centers (Immersive Environments, Labs, Theaters)
  • Customer Engagement (Lobbies, Retail Stores, Corporate Communications)

Hassle-free, elastic technology delivered in an OpEx model on-premise or in the cloud.

AVaaS is a consumption model of AV hardware, software and services on a recurring bases. Organizations no longer must take the risk of owning expensive depreciating assets that are locally managed. AVaaS enables organizations to make less capital-intensive purchases, can help consolidate multiple manufacturer AV equipment leases and provide managed services of your AV. Organizations can stop purchasing expensive initial hardware purchases and taxes. AVaaS provides a purchase service option that will be recognized on your balance sheet as an operational expense without having to pay taxes on assets.

Service & Lease Management

As part of the service, Netrix provides design and installation, software, cloud, remote network monitoring and system management services. Organizations also receive equipment leasing, get upgrades and maintenance and support that aligns with manufacturer’s SLAs. Through Netrix, you can aggregate and manage all manufacturer contracts into a single contract with flexible end terms and refresh cycles, underwritten through the Netrix internal capital group.

Connecting Public School Systems Through ICS

Scheduling teachers and getting them together in the same room was the biggest challenge facing Batavia Public Schools. Learn how Netrix made it as easy as making a phone call.

Changing the AV Landscape

Traditional AV

Traditionally, purchasing AV meant making a large upfront investment, hiring a firm to install everything, and then simply having them hand it off to your IT department for management. Your IT staff may have managed anything from troubleshooting to setting up meeting requests.

Company Culture

As business culture continues to change and organizations allow more employees to work outside of the office, the successful deployment and use of integrated collaboration technologies from AV and unified communication technologies become much more vital as operational and management efficiencies rely heavily on them.

Increased IT Spend

As IT costs increase and IT continues to find its way across departments within an organization, the need for integrated AV solutions that are more reliable, simple to use, and managed by third party experts has become the baseline for both meeting efficiency and reduced IT spend. This means less headaches for your organization.


Save money upfront on hardware through a move from a capital expense to an operational expense. Provide ongoing managed services on hardware and software which includes maintenance and monitoring. Receive the refresh cycles on the latest AV update and upgrades for new and improved technologies.

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Why Do Meetings Always Seem to Start Late?

Time Spent in Meetings

According to CIO Insight Magazine, on average, senior executives spend more than two days a week in meetings with at least three employees. This means that at least 40% of time is spent in meetings with four or more people each week. In addition, a meeting that starts just 5 minutes late costs an organization 8% of that overall meeting time.


Meetings that Start Late

Harvard Business Review created a study on how late and how often meetings started behind schedule. In this two week study, HBR found that only 10% of the meetings started on time and on average, 90% of late meetings started at least 12 minutes behind schedule.



Blame "Technical Difficulty"


Blame "Software Downloads to Join"


Blame "Don't Know How To Join"

Warehouse Research completed a study to find out why conference calls and online meetings were starting so late. Their research found that technical difficulty, software downloads to join and a lack of user knowledge on how to join were the three most significant culprits for late meetings.

The Netrix Difference

Netrix’s AV Consulting service team has network engineers in-house. All IT and audio-visual equipment we install is reliably connected. Any troubleshooting that may be required can be handled by our expert team promptly and reliably. No matter the size or complexity of the technology of the audio-visual systems required, our engineers are able to fully integrate hardware and software solutions that will streamline your processes in ways you never imagined were possible.

We know that culture plays a huge role in how technology will be used by an end user. By starting with the end user first, we can avoid blind selection of products that leads to low adoption and poor ROI.

John McKitrick

Practice Director

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