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The healthcare industry is undergoing a transformative shift. The first phase of this shift has been a movement to digitize and bring healthcare records online. Now it's time for the next major overhaul: enabling healthcare systems to share patient information. At the Netrix Healthcare Practice Group, we help hospitals, clinics physician groups, associations, care facilities and medical suppliers connect, manage and analyze data. Our IT consulting group provides a complete range of services with the goal of providing better healthcare for all.

The Netrix Healthcare Practice Group is a team of integration specialists who know how to extract and utilize data from electronic medical records (EMR) systems. We have built secure and extensive payor, provider and physician systems. Focused on multi-facility hospitals with an integrated delivery network, physician groups with multiple sites, clinics, and retirement communities that offer clinical services we deliver the complete range of services to connect, manage and analyze healthcare data.

Netrix has extensive experience in serving the healthcare market. A sampling of past projects include:

  • Using the cloud
  • Building briefing centers / physician collaboration systems
  • Outsourcing network monitoring and management
  • Enabling a remote workforce
  • Connecting remote facilities
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Medicare and Medicaid cost reporting and auditing

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Our pledge to our customers is to solve every problem in the most up-to-date solution available.

"We are not conceptual architects – we are applied architects. We continue to build and integrate these systems, offering the entire stack of technology all the way up to business management." Greg Price
Practice Director


The Netrix Healthcare practice is at the intersection of healthcare expertise and technology. In this emerging healthcare world, it’s crucial to have a comprehensive view of patient data. We find ways to aggregate, normalize, and analyze the data across existing industry silos in order to make this view accessible to our clients.

The Netrix Healthcare Practice has four pillars of products and managed services:
• Healthcare infrastructure services to implement security Integration and analytics to connect healthcare systems that report and analyze data
• Custom developed, proprietary software and behavioral health software products for substance abuse clinics, mini-medical clinics and more
• Healthcare advisory services, such as revenue cycle management and coding optimization
• Creating a fully functioning Health Information Exchange demands specific IT expertise.

Integrating, moving and managing data, networking, analytics and application development are only some of the unique challenges to overcome. Healthcare organizations do not have the luxury or time to be students of technology, which is where we come in. The Netrix Healthcare Practice is able to manage all aspects of IT for healthcare, pinpointing issues, unlocking the value hidden within data, and locating the hidden data nuggets within that spell success. We utilize the following technologies and more: RBI HSL 7 Cloverleaf EPIC Nexgen Alltech Allscripts integration Cerner Metatech Cogito Microsoft Power BI Relatix Tableau Clickview




We commit ourselves to staying at the head of the curve of today’s technological trends. We’re experts at being up to date with the tools and technologies you need.


SAMMS - For Substance Abuse Clinics

Netrix offers a turn-key Behavioral Health EMR, called SAMMS, that includes clinical, medical and financial features to schedule and dispense medication, manage inventory, collect payment and process billing to state agencies - in a single system allowing clinicians more time for direct service delivery. SAMMS is highly customizable and can be tailored to fit existing processes. SAMMS software is used at over 125 clinics in 17 states.


SAMMS - For Social Services

Netrix also offers SAMMS for Social Services, a turn-key product for Social Services, that includes scheduling, treatment plans and payment processing.

Healthcare Advisory Services

Netrix recognizes that combining carefully engineered software tools and supporting professional services produces measurable results far better than each on its own. Therefore, Netrix provides a wide array of advisory services related to initial clinic openings, clinic compliance, revenue cycle, analytics, accreditation and best practice trainings. Whether the urgency is meaningful use, patient engagement, data warehousing, ACO, clinical integration, EMPI, or any number of pressing challenges, Netrix will combine its proven technologies, software development team and professional services consultants to maximize the value of our client’s spend on infrastructure, applications or analytics.

For Hospitals and Long-Term Care Facilities

For hospitals and long-term care facilities looking to increase reimbursement levels or improve operational performance, Netrix offers a combination of consulting services, including data warehousing, advanced analytics and dashboards, revenue cycle management, and cost containment and compliance auditing.

For Clinics and Physicians Offices

For clinics looking to open new locations or prepare for compliance audits, Netrix offers a combination of consulting services, including plant design, policy and procedure definition, and compliance training and monitoring.



Why We're Better

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Problem Solving

Technology is vital in the healthcare industry domain as the US healthcare system moves from a “pay for service” to a "pay for performance" model. Data, communications and collaboration are at the heart of modern healthcare. Netrix troubleshoots and designs systems that cross technology boundaries by offering:

  • A wide array of technology expertise, from engineers to application developers
  • Integration specialists who can assess issues — much like a triage team in hospital — and pull together disciplines to solve the problem while optimizing performance.
  • The entire stack of technology with an approach, services, and product offerings that are adaptable enough to integrate with current healthcare IT systems.

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We own it

From the executive offices to the folks in the trenches, every Netrix employee is committed to fix a problem where it is found. We ensure quality and excellent work from the ground up.

“We work in an applied discipline approach. Instead of working theoretically, we build effective, workable solutions.” Greg Price
Practice Director

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