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IT Test Fit

When you learn what an IT Test Fit is, you’ll wonder why it’s not common practice for every commercial buildout. 

Today’s digital workplace calls for a new approach to IT design. The IT Test Fit is a key component of an office optimized for the end-user.

Why have an IT Test Fit?

In any buildout, certain upfront processes are standard: a mechanical, engineering, and plumbing (MEP) test fit is performed. An architect will create a space plan. IT, however, is often not properly considered. If IT is designed and budgeted as an afterthought, budgets won’t align and end-user technology will fail. Is this the right way to integrate technology into your buildout on the day of the digital workplace?

Netrix offers a comprehensive test fit to ensure all IT systems are woven into the design. This ensures an optimal final result for your users. When performed at the outset of a project, the IT Test Fit ensures technology is designed right and unexpected project costs don’t emerge.


If you’re familiar with how IT companies work, you might notice that we take charge of more technology stacks than the others. That’s how we do it.

The IT Test fit gives a view of how these facets will be integrated into the buildout.

How does it work?

One of our IT Architects will work with you to determine your space and technology needs. We will look at your potential budget scenarios and constraints, existing and future-state technology considerations, and your consumption options.

Our IT Architect will walk through the Whats and Whys of your technology needs, and will then formulate a high-level plan and budget.

What do I get?

THE IT TEST FIT IS a common-sense solution to the complexities of today’s workplace buildouts. 

After the initial IT Architect discovery session, Netrix will take this information and formulate a 4-page deliverable. This document will include:

• Overview of what was learned in the discovery session
• High-level IT budget for associated client technology stacks
• Assessment of technology considerations and potential technology options
• The next steps to engage with Netrix

In our experience, this is the moment when our clients see the value of the IT Test fit. They wonder how the process could have been done without it. 


How do I get an IT Test Fit?

If you have a buildout on the horizon, don’t wait. Now is the time to get in touch with us. The earlier we’re involved, the more effectively we can help.

We look forward to demonstrating how an IT Test Fit can help you accomplish an outstanding buildout for your company and your end-users!

IT Test Fit Brochure

Want to know more about the IT Test Fit? Contact us. 

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