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A Smarter Approach

A New Approach is Needed for Today’s Digital Workplace

Today’s digital workplace brings about a need for a completely different approach. Research, planning, design, budgeting, and build all need to be done in a way that best brings the technology to the end user. The problem is that the construction industry’s processes are lagging behind.

A huge gap exists between the construction industry and IT services.
In the traditional model, technology needs factor in only after space has already been budgeted for and designed. That may have worked in non-collaborative spaces where IT was just over 5% of the budget. But today, the budget for IT can exceed 25%.

What’s the result when technology comes last? A poor experience for the employees, which translates to a huge waste of time and money for the company.   

Our process is optimized for today’s digital workplace.
It has been tried and proven in a range of our past projects. We start with a focus on the end user. We bring technology planning in from the beginning to ensure it is incorporated with all aspects of the plan, including budgeting.

We bridge the gap between construction and technology.
From the start, our Lead IT Architect works with the owners of all the major aspects of the build-out. This means all the components of a collaborative digital workplace are integrated into the project from the beginning. We begin by determining what the end-user needs. We do this through surveys, data analysis, and observation. Once the end-goal is established,  we envision, plan and budget.

In addition, our we have a dedicated Client Advocate who works with you to make sure all of your expectations are met throughout the project.

The Netrix comprehensive suite of products and services includes:

  • Design/build capabilities: planning from beginning to end of the relocation project
  • IT Test Fit services
  • IT budgeting
  • Lead IT Architect service
  • As a Service consumption models as an option
  • Network infrastructure planning and implementation
  • Project Management services
  • Restacking of existing spaces
  • Office-in-a-Box 

Another difference? We don’t quit once the project is built. We have a robust User Adoption Practice that ensures employees learn how to use the technology that has been created. This service is a huge plus for company culture, workplace productivity, and of course, for your ROI.


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