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We integrate IT for happier, better-used office buildouts

Many of our customers come to us because they’ve never had to move and build out the technology for a new office. We understand the complexity and stress of such an undertaking. If you aren’t sure exactly where to start when faced with an IT buildout, let’s walk you through the journey.

Our Difference

Start with the end user in mind.

We don’t start by looking at what vendors we work with or what software we have handy. We start by looking at the end state and then work backward. We ask questions then look at all aspects of a technology-enabled workspace to create customized solutions to give firms a competitive advantage, to reenergize the existing workforce, to provide a powerful recruiting tool, and to streamline the technology usability experience.

What’s your path in the buildout journey?

The Corporate Project Manager’s Path

You are in charge of your company’s major office buildout.  There’s a lot at stake in terms of time and money.  And on top of that, the spotlight is on you.  It’s scary.  Let us guide you.

Learn more about the Corporate PM’s journey.

The CRE Broker’s Path

You have tenants coming in and they need a new hi-tech build out. Introduce them to us and you will have some very happy customers.

Learn more about the CRE Broker’s journey.

The Architect’s Path

Your design means a lot to you. You want to see it be actively used. We work with architects early to make sure technology is properly integrated into the design and build. This means maximal use and happy users.  

Learn more about the Architect’s journey.

What is integrated technology design?

Conventional Approach

The traditional method is sorely lacking in its ability to accommodate the needs of the new digital workplace.

Netrix Lead IT Architect Approach

If you want the best experience for the end user, it begins with a commitment to plan IT and AV from the beginning.

Our Work


Provided design & install of all tech components for 140,000sf digital startup center


250,000sf restack of corporate campus


Designed award-winning project focused on child recovery and enhancement

Have an office buildout on the horizon? Let us know.