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The ongoing paradigm shift from on-premises data centers to cloud-based data centers has provided customers with more flexibility and agility with their IT infrastructure than ever before. At the same time, this shift has created a false expectation of less management and responsibility from the business.  In fact, the shift requires the management to be more proactive-based since the focus goes from day to day break/fix of physical components to scaling, optimization and monitoring to ensure enough resources are available for proper Cloud adoption.

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), Netrix has recognized this shift and adjusted our managed public Cloud service offerings to not only address the break/fix requirements, but to also align our proactive services to provide a full lifecycle management to help customers benefit from their investment.  This includes change communication, road mapping and cloud consumption analysis.

Our multi-disciplinary team provides you with best-of-breed cloud solutions for your business. Our expertise includes:

Netrix’s  team engages with you at every step of Cloud management, ensuring accountability and agility across all parts of your Cloud journey. Cloud Managed Services offers a unique blend of reactive and proactive services, differentiating us from other Cloud management providers.

Proactive and Reactive

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Our pledge to our customers is to solve every problem in the most up-to-date solution available.

Gordon Dunkley
“Since the introduction of the public cloud, the way we manage data center technologies has been rapidly changing. Netrix Cloud Managed Services has adapted to this by offering both a protective and proactive approach to managing the public Cloud.”Gordon Dunkley
Director of Public Cloud Services

How We Do It

Proactive Services: The Market Differentiator

Our proactive service offerings go above and beyond the standard cloud management solutions, and set us apart from other cloud management providers. Here's how we do it:

Change CommunicationChange Communication

Our Change Communication service leverages visual content and delivery mechanisms to build excitement and positive response for change, communicate details on what to expect and why, and enable the support of a consistent cadence of change communication that your business can deploy.

Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR)  QBR

A quarterly meeting will be held to review product changes and upgrades. Change Communication techniques that will be used to determine a plan and how to prepare and communicate changes to your business. Governance will also be updated on a quarterly basis and determined based on changing business conditions and consumption.

Roadmap Updates Roadmap

For larger changes identified during QBR, including manufacturer changes and updates, Netrix will update and maintain a client roadmap specific to your business requirements and needs. We will leverage Change Communication techniques to ensure that delivery of updates align with the culture of your organization.

Protective Services

Designated Service Analyst (SA)Service Analyst

Customers are provided with a designated Service Analyst (SA), who will prepare monthly service reviews and summarize the services delivered during the previous reporting period.

24x7x365 Cloud Management24/7/365

Global Services are available worldwide to offer support and answer ticket requests.


Why We're Better

Netrix uses a cross-practice approach to all of our IT solutions, so working with our team is a one-stop-shop. Our agnostic (non-vendor specific) approach to Cloud management means we can respond with more flexibility to changing requirements, and our payment model is based on monthly operating costs (OPEX).  

By providing both protective services as well as more tailored proactive services, we ensure that your public Cloud is secure, agile, and operating based on your business needs. 

When it comes to Cloud management, Netrix can do it all. From implementing and assessing your cloud migration, creating and managing multiple private, public and hybrid cloud solutions with our own Cloud Management Solution, or hosting your cloud in the n + 2 Cloud Center, Netrix has the expertise to make sure all of your cloud needs are covered.


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We own it

From the executive offices to the folks in the trenches, every Netrix employee is committed to fix a problem where it is found. We ensure quality and excellent work from the ground up. 

"We keep our eyes on your public cloud technologies so you can keep your eyes on the business."

Gordon Dunkley
Director of Public Cloud Services

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