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End User Adoption: Bridging the Gap Between IT and End Users

As organizations increasingly leverage technology as a workflow experience, it’s critical to position a change communication plan that can communicate the message clearly and in detail, with integrity and authenticity. The consumer of the technology receiving this messaging must be ready to listen, understand, and trust the messaging. The delivery should align with the culture of the organization and structure at which the consumer of the technology is accustomed to maximize the absorption of information, efficiently and effectively. Finally, the content of the message must be powerful enough to energize the consumers of the technology and incite excitement for the change and adopt new technologies.

The Netrix Change Communications practice is designed to do that for clients deploying new technologies or creating change with existing technology.

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Our pledge to our customers is to solve every problem in the most up-to-date solution available.

"We are here to help our clients bridge a gap between when a technology deployment  is complete and when an end user begins to utilize the technology. We want to make that transition as seamless as possible." Pam Hoover
Practice Director


Communicate with the End User in Mind

Netrix, leveraging our audience and consumption-focused technology services, has developed a change communication program that leverages visual content and delivery mechanisms to build excitement and positive response for change, communicate details on what to expect and why, and enable the support of a consistent cadence of change communication that the client can deploy.




We commit ourselves to staying at the head of the curve of today’s technological trends. We’re experts at being up to date with the tools and technologies you need.


Every Transition is an Important One

The work of the Change Communication team affects every single one of our clients, across practices. No matter the technological change within our client’s working environment, we work to make a smooth transition from deployment to day one. We believe in the opportunity to help you create an environment for better use adoption and positive response to technology changes.

The End User is Our Hero

The Netrix Change Communication team has a laser sharp focus on the end user. Many integrators tend to focus solely on deployment, but we design a solution that’s both technically sound in the client’s environment and one that is well-received and adopted by employees.

  • Key to our process is building in proprietary validation and analysis, which helps everyone evaluate effectiveness.
  • Change Communication can be applied to any technology change an end user will experience.
  • We’re helping solve challenges in all practice groups.

Our practice is the glue that stitches together all the Netrix IT services because it's discipline agnostic. Contact Netrix today to speak with one our Change Communication experts.



First Phase: Environment Discovery

The purpose of this workshop is to develop a key understanding of how companies communicate change to employees, identify critical goals and strategies of project components that change communication should be leveraged, define and agree to the means and methods of delivery of the messaging deliverables, and finally, to build an effective sequential publication and distribution aligned with your culture.

A major component of the environment discovery is research and assessment. As part of this, our team will interview various department team leads and any other key business leaders. We will also create a larger survey to be distributed to the full end user community. The data gathered will be used to assess existing perspectives on technology and communication. This is a critical component of our first phase. The qualitative and quantitative data will be used to develop a baseline for measuring efficacy of the program in the final analysis and validation phase.

Second Phase: Design Deliverables

Based on the research phase in the environment discovery phase, our team works with your team to develop the communication plan, messages, and vehicle for delivery of those messages. Within your brand standards, our team will build graphical messages and focus on key benefits and changes that will be coming. Depending on your organization, we can work with you internal communications department, marketing departments, or IT departments. Because the graphics are built custom to suit for you, we are building the right communications for the right audience.


Third phase: Analysis and Validation

As part of launching a trans-formative messaging campaign for new technology, there is a critical component of analysis to measure user adoption and program validation. During the discovery sessions, we will identify a baseline for the key performance indicators to measure throughout the campaign. Metrics-based key performance indicators will be the means to establish and measure at the conclusion of the programs. After the conclusion of the program, we will again survey your end user community, to understand end-user experience in regard to clarity in expectation, day one usage, and ongoing usage and familiarity. The final deliverable is an info-graphic summary illustrating adoption and key metric highlights.


We own it

From the executive offices to the folks in the trenches, every Netrix employee is committed to fix a problem where it is found. We ensure quality and excellent work from the ground up. 

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