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Want better ROI for Microsoft Teams?

Deploy an app that your employees will love.

Many companies rely on Teams to connect, communicate, and collaborate with their employees, partners and customers. 70% of workers will spend more time on collaborative platforms in the future.  (Source: Deloitte) Our Microsoft Teams as a Platform Program brings Netrix, Microsoft, and your organization together to accelerate your collaboration journey with Teams.

Sometimes we hear the question, “Is collaboration technology really worth the investment?” Here are some office technology facts:

  • Collaboration software can increase productivity by 10%. (Forrester, 2020)
  • Using collaboration software can save employees 5-10% of their time. (Forrester, 2020)
  • Remote working can save employers as much as $11,000 per year. (Global Workplace Analytics, 2021)

The trend is toward collaboration. Let us help your company get on board.

As part of our program, you receive hands-on assistance with the deployment of a Teams Productivity Application that could be one of these employee favorites:

Company Communicator

This app enables corporate teams to create and send messages intended for multiple teams or large number of employees over chat. Reach your employees where they collaborate.

FAQ Plus Bot

Conversational Q&A bots are an easy way to provide answers to frequently asked questions by users. FAQ bot is a friendly Q&A bot that brings a human in the loop when needed. 


Celebrations helps team members to celebrate each others’ birthdays, anniversaries, and other recurring events. It sends a friendly message to make the team members feel special on their day.

Expert Finder

Deploy a bot that identifies specific organization members based on their skills, interests, and education attributes.

And there are many more apps available.

Why Netrix?

Netrix is a Gold Partner, and a top Teams Partner, that was referred by Microsoft on over 400 projects last year. This means you can be confident working alongside turn-key projects, proven engineers, and technology that truly supports your business goals.

Reach out to us and we’ll get you started deploying an app that is sure to be a big hit with your workforce.

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