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Optimize Teams for Your Organization 

Watch this video to ensure your organization is using Microsoft Teams in a way that’s best for leadership and your workforce.
2hr 19m


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Are your Teams governance and security strategies relevant for today's user?



Maybe you've had access to Microsoft Teams for a while, but with the current global challenges your organization is relying on it more than ever before. If so, it's crucial that Teams is deployed with your organizational security and protocols in mind. If not, you are exposed to threats from outside and confusion within. We also strongly recommend training your workforce to avoid user confusion. There's a lot in Teams that can be used by a novice user. But for a larger organization, you'll want to dig deeper to become familiar with all of Microsoft Team's super-useful features.

In our webinar, our experts in security, migration, unified communications, and user adoption share about the different facets of governance and best practices for applying them to your Microsoft Teams deployment.

Key Takeaways

Leave with the knowledge to govern your Microsoft Teams deployment by mitigating risks, providing data security, and optimizing end-user collaboration. Maximize your Microsoft Teams usage and get the most out of calls, scheduling, chat, collaboration, and more.

What We Cover


Understand the systems, rules, practices and processes that drive your organization and how they align to Microsoft Teams.


Learn a proven process for running a smooth migration to Microsoft Teams for your organization.



Learn how to ensure platform security for remote workers across multiple devices, no matter the location.


Understand what it takes to build an adoption framework, communications strategy, and education plan for users.

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