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Recorded on June 4, 2020

Microsoft Executive Security & Compliance Summit

We hear our Legal industry customers loud and clear when it comes to client requirements around data ownership in a public cloud. Most clients, especially those in highly regulated industries, want to ensure that their legal representation is the sole owner of their data, with zero risk of secret subpoenas or multiple keys to data. Let's chat through Microsoft’s position on this topic, and advancements that have been made in recent months as a kickoff.

We will talk through our unique position in the Cybersecurity industry and provide a high-level discussion around Microsoft’s differentiated security platform and tools within Microsoft 365, with an understanding of Legal/Client data ownership requirements in the Legal Industry.

You will also learn about how Microsoft 365 Security, particularly Azure AD Premium and Microsoft Threat Protection, can help simplify security for the Legal industry with a focus on identity, telemetry, and automation while offering a holistic threat protection platform built on a principle of zero trust to bolster your security posture.