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Collaboration Apps

We build communication tools to help medium- to enterprise-sized companies collaborate, meet, and get things done.

With the increased potential for information exchange in today’s digital workplace, it’s often hard to find the data you’re looking for or to find out who’s working on what. Netrix collaboration apps make things easier.

As we are changing the way we look at data and how we interpret it, the way people work together is also evolving. Unique projects, work styles, functional roles and workforce diversity call for a complete set of collaboration tools. These tools will work together to meet your communication needs whether the collaboration is real-time, message-based, document sharing, or something else.

Our Difference


Netrix’s custom SharePoint development services will help you to leverage SharePoint with out-of-the-box solutions through custom sites and platforms. These sites will help you to collaborate with your employees as well as your vendors.

SharePoint provides both versioning and access control, so team members can be assured that they are working with the latest versions of documents in an environment protected with enterprise-grade security. Because SharePoint is fully integrated with Microsoft 365 desktop and mobile apps, your team can store, share, and work with their files anytime, from wherever they are.

Microsoft Teams

Teams is a chat-based collaboration space where you can integrate all other Microsoft and third-party services like office apps, OneDrive, SharePoint, and many more. We can help you to create a central location to work on projects which will enhance user productivity. Chat, schedule a meeting, manage your documents, and keep a track of who is working on what in this one-stop solution.

Team channels will help your team to keep a track of multiple projects, meanwhile, you can even integrate the tools and services your team uses regularly into the tabs. You can even integrate the Power BI dashboard. After setting up a group in a Teams channel, you can email the entire channel, send attachments, and receive notifications from all posts in a channel. Channels bring together chat, content, people, and tools in one place, giving team members instant access to everything they need. You can set up different groups for specific workflows like account transitions or customer feedback.


OneDrive is a one-stop solution for all your online documents and files storage requirements. It is more than a filing cabinet as it allows users to version and work together in real-time. OneDrive (for Business) now contains all of the original SharePoint document offerings, including workflows, auditing, templates, and version control. OneDrive for Business uses SharePoint technology but is better suited for storage and one-off sharing. Both of these components live in the cloud (it is Office 365, after all) and can sync files to your device so you can work anywhere.

Microsoft Teams Services

Netrix helps organizations leverage Microsoft Teams to increase employee productivity, improve collaboration across the organization, and enable innovation.

Work From Home

Netrix is working with our partners to provide quick deployment solutions and resources to best enable your workforce immediately while keeping safety and convenience at the forefront.

Microsoft Teams Training

To assist organizations that may already have Microsoft Teams, and are looking to get users up to speed quickly. We’ve already trained over 1,000 users on Microsoft Teams in 2020 and continue providing documentation to end-users in need of more information.

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