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The Client Advocate

The Client Advocate ensures your questions are answered and your needs are met throughout the buildout process.

If you’ve ever been involved in a relocation project before you’ll know that it can be overwhelming. There’s a good chance you haven’t and you’re pretty anxious about what’s coming. And yes, there are a lot of moving parts. With all those moving parts there are a lot of people, plans, equipment, and platforms to work with. All this is going on and you still need to be sure the budget is intact and deadlines are being met.

And wait — the end result? Yep, you really want to cling to the hope that it’s a success.

At Netrix we have created a unique role to serve as your Sherpa guide during this experience. The Client Advocate has been on the client side of the fence during numerous buildouts and knows all the ups and downs. But more importantly, the client advocate knows exactly how to speak up and whom to call to ensure all your questions are answered and your expectations are met.

The Client Advocate is one of the benefits we offer to the table to ensure our way is the best in the field.


Please reach out to us if you have any questions about the Client Advocate role, or anything else. We are always happy to answer your questions! 


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