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Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Ecommerce Website

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Spring is here, which means that you may have already started cleaning out your closets or basement, but your home isn’t the only thing that needs a good cleaning. It’s always a good idea to comb through your website at least once a year to look for things that need to be updated and refreshed. Many ecommerce business owners choose to do this in the spring because it’s after the busy holiday shopping season has ended and it’s early enough in the year that web design firms aren’t starting to get as busy yet. So with Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Easter all in the rearview mirror, it’s time to take a look at your website and figure out what needs to be cleaned up. Here are some expert tips to get you started:
Refresh your Design
No matter which industry you’re in, it’s always evolving, which means that a great website won’t stay great forever. If it’s been more than a year since you’ve had any design work done on your site, it’s time to polish it up a little. You may want to change out your main homepage image or the images in your homepage slideshow (especially if they’re seasonal in nature). This alone can give a totally different look to your website for returning visitors and catch the eye of new visitors.
Additionally, you should consider updating your on-page text. Obviously you’ll want to keep all of your keywords in the text to ensure that the page is properly optimized, but giving that text a once over is a great way to breathe some new life into your website. Even if you just keep the existing content and break it up differently or change its appearance slightly, it will give your website a little bit of a different look.
These types of small changes are enough to keep your design from seeming stale, but you shouldn’t limit yourself to just small changes if your website has remained relatively unchanged for a long time. From time to time you should have your entire design overhauled to really modernize the look and portray your business and dynamic and exciting. The idea is to get your website to stand out from the competition and entice visitors to stay.
Remove Outdated Product Information
Old product information can linger on sites like a bad smell. Why? It’s simple – ecommerce sites typically have a lot of products so going through and updating each one can get really tedious and time consuming. But just because it isn’t fun doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. Having up-to-date product descriptions, photos, and shipping information can make the sale. This is why pulling out any outdated information is such an important element when it comes to cleaning up your site.
Validate Promo Codes
Going through the backend of your site to check the current promotional codes is a good thing to do once a month, but if you’ve fallen behind on this important task, now’s the time to catch up. Go in and make sure that all of the valid promo codes are current and you don’t have any old ones still active. This will save you from giving away discounts where you don’t want to be doing so.
Update your Email List
Hopefully you’re using an email management system that automatically removes people when they click unsubscribe, but if you’re not you need to make sure that your subscriber list is up to date. By law you have to pull anyone from your list who requests to be removed. You don’t want to hurt your sender reputation and irritate people by continuing to send them emails that they’re no longer interested in receiving.
While you’re in there checking on your email list, you can take the opportunity to segment it based on consumer behavior. Cleaning up your list will allow you to send more targeted emails in the future and better plan your email marketing efforts down the road. Again, hopefully you’re using a system that lets you do this relatively easily, but even if you’re not it’s still a worthwhile endeavor. 
Improve Visitor Flow
Finally, you can always take the opportunity to work on improving your visitor flow. Ideally, you should be moving people around your website in a way that’s logical and in line with your business. Focus on improving your calls-to-action, fix broken links, and redesign pages where visitors tend to leave the funnel. Also, take an especially close look at pages that have a high bounce rate and try to determine what visitors may be looking for that those pages are not providing. You can make changes to pages and then test the results over the summer so that these pages are working optimally next holiday season.
Your business’s online presence deserves the very best, so let our digital marketing team clean up your website! Our experts have the skills and dedication to perfection needed to take your website from good to great! 

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Posted: 5/10/2016 3:37:15 PM

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