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Chicago, IL, June 5, 2017 – Netrix LLC is proud to announce today receipt of a 2016 Boeing Performance Excellence Award. The Boeing Company issues the award annually to recognize suppliers who have achieved a high standard of superior performance over a full 12-month period. In 2016, Netrix maintained a Silver-level performance rating for each month of the performance period, beginning October 2015 to September 2016.

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This is the largest massive ransomware outbreak globally we’ve seen to date. The malware is still spreading globally, and took down 16 hospitals in the UK, and severely impacted FedEx in the US. Thus far 45,000 computers have been reported infected globally, and the infection is still spreading rapidly.  It’s a self-replicating worm and is capable of spreading to other computers inside an infected network.

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At Netrix, our security practice sees trends and patterns in the industry that are worth mentioning and monitoring in 2017.  If these items aren’t on your mind and you don’t have a strategy in place to solve each of these, please read on.  

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Several industry verticals have slowly adopted cloud services including legal, financial services and healthcare. Healthcare clients have traditionally been slow adopters of perceived cutting edge technologies, and cloud computing has been no exception. However, healthcare clients are now facing substantial increases in data, forcing a reevaluation of cloud solutions.

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Thinking of migrating to Office 365? Already migrated to the cloud? Think that because you’ve moved or are moving that there will be no maintenance required for your cloud infrastructure? Well, it’s mostly true. There are things that you can do to keep your environment running smooth now and in the future.

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You invested in a firewall to protect your network and systems, and years ago, this was a very effective security strategy, but in recent times, this has changed, and the old models of deploying security are no longer very effective.

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In today’s day and age, technology allows for more interconnectivity than ever. Wi-Fi is available nearly everywhere, whether we are sitting in a coffee shop or aboard an airplane. We can remotely monitor our homes camera systems, and change the thermostat while away. So why, with all of the modern technology available today, do we still have so many technology issues in the corporate setting? Read more here. 

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In just a few simple steps, you can insert weather information under the site icon in the master page. I recommend using the custom master page location because it is easy to find the site logo on the master page.  You can place the code just about anywhere on the page such as the Content Editor Web Part or Code Snippet Web Part. In this example, we will be placing the code in the master page. 

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The scrum framework includes a series of meetings, commonly referred to as scrum ceremonies, to facilitate the scrum process.  In this edition of Insights to Agile, I’ll cover what those scrum ceremonies are as well as the goals for each.  Some things to remember is that for every scrum ceremony, the scrum master is responsible for facilitating the meeting but should have no decision making authority.  Additionally, scrum methodology strongly enforces time boxes for everything – including scrum ceremonies.  Based on the length of the sprints, the scrum master should manage to set time boxes for each of the scrum ceremonies described below, working to accomplish the ceremony goal in the amount of time allotted.

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Since the introduction of SharePoint in Office 365, it has become increasingly apparent that collaboration on a cloud platform makes the most sense. As we all know, in this crazy world of technology things change quicker than you can finish reading this article. It seems like only yesterday that we began our adventure into SharePoint 2013 and now the 2016 evolution of collaborative thinking has taken us into the world of the cloud. I call these changes the new “Modern” experience and in this article I address how it relates to the “classic” experience of SharePoint 2013. Let’s then list the top changes in the SharePoint Modern experience that address the gaps between SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint in Office 365.

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Among the first steps in implementing a hybrid SCCM/Intune environment is setting up the mobile applications that will be managed on end user devices. For the apps publicly available in the Google Play and iTunes app stores, this means tracking down the URL for the app in order to create the Deployment Type. In this post, we’ll not only provide you with the URLs of the common Microsoft applications, but also with some handy PowerShell scripting to automatically create these apps in your SCCM environment.

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Since April 4, 1975, Microsoft has been a leader in the technology area. It started with Altair Basic and has since has evolved into personal and corporate computing. As the computing environment transformed from corporate, to personal to cloud, Microsoft has positioned itself as a market leader in Online Services. Microsoft’s online services comprises of two major offerings: Azure and Office 365.  Both of these offerings are built on the same robust and flexible platform that run on datacenters owned and maintained by Microsoft.

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“Cultures are built on fiction.” A statement made by Ashton Kutcher at one of the largest cybersecurity events in the world. More than likely, your initial thought is that you disagree. I did. But let’s breakdown his statement to help us understand how this belief can actually help create an Internet Culture for minimizing cybercrime.

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If you are new to the agile framework for project execution and management, you may find yourself asking, "Who is who?" and "What are the responsibilities of each role?"  When you and your team have a solid understanding of what each person will be held accountable for, you can work in a more streamlined fashion within the agile framework. So, what roles make up an agile team, and who should fill those roles?  

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Citrix is known for taking an existing technology and turning it into something better. XenApp has always been referred to as, “RDP on steroids” and with a click of a mouse, PVS allows dynamically deployable machines and servers. Citrix’s Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) is another technology following suit.  As many of you know, DNS is an Internet service that translates domain names into IP addresses. 

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In October, Microsoft reached general availability of a new solution, named Azure Information Protection. This solution is user focused, and allows employees to label and classify documents while editing them in the Office application. The classification is part of the document which enables it to travel for internal usage and travel with the document for secure business to business collaboration. If the classification or security of the document changes, it changes while at rest outside your network as well.

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If you aren’t familiar with the agile framework for project management (and even if you are), you may feel like reading about the subject is like reading about something in a mix of English and a totally different language. I’m here to help. Use this glossary as a reference to make sense of the terms specific to the agile methodology.  

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You don’t need to be a large retailer with millions of credit card records or a healthcare organization storing millions of personal health records.  With Ransomware, the cybercriminals are not stealing any data from you. Instead, they encrypt your files, these could be personal pictures of your family vacations, files that contain important business information, or system files needed for your applications to run. After encrypting your files, they ask that you pay a “ransom” to regain access to your files. How do you know that you are protected from ransomware? 

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Workplace technology is a term that is gaining more and more steam as organizations look to build out new office space to hire the growing millennial workforce as well as leverage the space as a recruiting tool.   Workplace technology is one of the most misunderstood concepts in the construction and real estate industry today. 

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Microsoft launched a new product on November 3, 2013 called Microsoft Teams. Teams is a new secure, chat-based workspace in Office 365 for dynamic, fast paced collaboration among employees. Microsoft Teams is currently in preview for all Office 365 customers with an E-Suite (E1, E3, E4 and E5) until calendar year 2017 Q1 when it will be generally available – and will be included for all Office 365 E-Suite customers at no additional cost.

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