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January 3, 2018 – Chicago – Netrix, LLC announced Dean Pipes, formerly of Zurich Insurance, has joined the Netrix team as the Chief Innovation Architect. Pipes understands innovation and how to turn vision into reality. His addition to the Netrix team brings rare transformational expertise with client-side insight and is a valuable asset to the growing digital workplace practice, user adoption and behavioral analytics services. 

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Netrix Security Operations is advising our customers of an important security vulnerability affecting nearly any device running an Intel or AMD chipset. 

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January 2, 2018 – Chicago – Netrix, LLC announced it has signed a definitive agreement to close January 1, 2018 in the acquisition of Synergy CT. Netrix’s presence in the south central is tied to strong Microsoft, relocation, and integrated collaboration services practice areas. As more and more organizations are looking to modernize, workspace technology and its effect on culture and collaboration has moved to the forefront of so many corporate technology initiatives. Folding Synergy CT into the Netrix team adds expertise, depth and resources to support Netrix’s integrated collaboration services and relocation practices.

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Have you been asked by your business users why they can’t see all the items in a SharePoint list in the same page without having to go fetch more records from the server? Having to scroll down the page to get the next set of 20 records can be really tedious if your list has over 1,000 items in it. This used to frustrate me until I figured out a way to make it happen. 

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As companies grow through M&A, it is quite often the case that both companies have their own O365 tenants and typically users and content are migrated from one tenant to another. The path for migration emails (Exchange Online), sites (SharePoint) and personal content (OneDrive) is clearly defined but the path for Microsoft Teams has its challenges. In this blog, we cover what is supported and how to go about migrating Teams. 

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With the growing popularity of Data Visualization in today’s workplace, we have seen a rise in the number of tools available. In the Leaders quadrant, Power BI is setting the pace for new feature releases, currently releasing updates monthly.  This aggressive development schedule has not only closed the gap between Power BI and it’s competitors, but it is also allowing Power BI to stay in the forefront of customer’s minds. With a major licensing change in June of this year (2017), Power BI now has an Enterprise offering. In my mind they have officially taken a seat at the table.  

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As a Lotus Notes consultant who made the transition to SharePoint over 5 years ago, I’ve been involved in over a dozen Lotus Notes to SharePoint migrations over the years. One of the biggest mistakes companies make when migrating from Lotus Notes to SharePoint is not spending the time upfront defining their goals and creating a detailed migration plan. Too often I see Notes administrators get hurried into just moving their content over. The results are always bad. Upset users, lost content, critical apps that stop working and more. With a good plan, a Lotus Notes to SharePoint migration can go smoothly. 

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Privacy, security, governance, risk, and compliance become mandatory in the EU in May of 2018.  General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new regulation from Europe, which will affect anyone doing business in the EU.  An organization merely has to have data on an EU Citizen, and the new data protection law applies.  This will apply to a lot of US and other internationally based companies.  

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Video conferencing, social networks, experience centers, and virtual office technologies have lifted traditional workplace boundaries. As the digital workplace evolves to become more mobile, agile, and personalized, the one-size-fits-all model is no longer relevant today. Successfully designing and deploying a “digital workplace” is challenging. It’s not just about deploying technology for technology’s sake. It’s about improving an organization’s performance, creating a uniform human experience with collaboration, and sustaining success well into the future. 

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GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation, is set to embark on May 25, 2018. This is the succession to the already existing European Unions’ New Data Protection Law and is along the same guidelines but strengthens individuals' personal data privacy. It imposes new obligations on organizations that collect, handle or analyze personal data whether it is in the EU or outside.

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Happy November! In Chicago that means the lights are up, and the winter holidays are here. In the spirit of the holidays, I thought I'd give an early gift and review one of my newest favorite custom visuals for Power BI, Dynamic Tooltip by MAQ Software. Although it is very simple in nature and design, I’ve found it to be extremely useful.

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Well it is almost that that time of month again! New feature releases from Power BI! I can honestly say this is only one of two reasons I am looking forward to November in Chicago. (Hint: I am not a fan of the cold). I wanted to make sure everyone has looked at the October updates before we get tempted with the November release. There were some awesome features release in October!

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October 30, 2017 – Chicago – Netrix Worldwide Pvt. Ltd, a subsidiary of Netrix, LLC announced today that it has acquired Kochi-based firm, Ideamine Technologies, for public cloud services expertise.   Netrix Worldwide has signed a definitive agreement to complete the acquisition of Ideamine, as announced in a local press conference Monday, October 23.

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October 30, 2017 – Chicago – Netrix Worldwide Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary of Netrix, LLC announced today that it has acquired Kochi-based app dev firm, Empressem Technologies.    Netrix Worldwide has signed a definitive agreement to complete the acquisition of Empressem Tech, as announced in a local press conference Monday, October 23.

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A critical security vulnerability was just announced, affecting the security and integrity of WiFi networks. A weakness affecting WPA2 has just been discovered, and publicly disclosed. When vulnerabilities receive a lot of press and attention, they get assigned a name. In this case, it's been named, the "KRACK" attack. Due to the increased press attention, these kinds of vulnerabilities soon become the latest favorite weapon of criminals & hackers. We can soon expect to see networks and systems getting breached, as the tools become widespread and easy to use. ACT NOW with a high degree of urgency and remediate your network ASAP!  This same pattern occurred in recent headline security breaches, a vulnerability was discovered, a patch or fix was released shortly thereafter, and within a few short months, we saw companies who ignored this advice fall victim.  Notable examples include Equifax, the recent WannaCry, and other global ransomware outbreaks. Don’t be the next victim, act now, and please contact Netrix for support and remediation assistance if needed.

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Creating an IT budget early in the relocation and construction process enables the Stakeholders to establish rough orders of magnitude on how much everything will cost. These costs are based on initial perceived guiding principles, decisions, and assumptions. When developing a budget, Netrix first has conversations with key Stakeholders to discover and understand your business, the technology leveraged within the workflow on a daily basis, adopted business recovery options, and future plans for the business. These discussions are less focused on business goals and more on what needs to change in order to better support the business operation while confirming the evolving guiding principles. 

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Well it’s that time of month again, as it were, it’s my favorite time of month. The Power BI monthly feature release!!! [Cheer noise here]. Every month is packed with cool new features and connectors but I think this month had one of my favorites, Drilldown pages! Since I began working with Microsoft Power BI one of my main frustrations has been the inability to provide navigation within a report.  With the September release Microsoft has given me a new superpower!

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Threats like Ransomware, data breaches and security incidents are on the rise and getting worse. Typically, we have two classifications of issues in security that can occur and go wrong, the first is a security incident, which is something like Ransomware (an advanced and persistent threat). The second scenario is a data breach, in which your sensitive data is exfiltrated or exposed. We often see hackers selling sensitive information on the dark web. While the latter of the two is more severe, both categories of incidences that can occur can be extremely impactful to you and your business. 

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Today we caught up with Jeff Wampler, CTO of Netrix to get insight into his journey at Netrix. Jeff has been the CTO and a Partner at Netrix since 2006. 

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An office relocation or large corporate build out has a variety of components and vendors that play various roles throughout the test-fit, design development, and construction processes. Each respective party has a different purpose and deadline to meet. Having a Lead IT Architect involved from the beginning of a project is essential to planning and staying on budget. In this role, our Lead ensures all components confederate at the right time within the project to ensure the delivery of the high ROI your organization is looking for.

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