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Our Culture

Our belief in engagement begins with a look within. We encourage everyone on board to be genuine and action-oriented. It’s from this foundation that the rest of our cultural ideals flow.

We Believe

We believe that the people who do the best work are those who are the most engaged.

This means they are connected to their communities, their families, and themselves. We pull out all the stops to encourage our employees and colleagues to see their work at Netrix as part of a bigger whole. We want our people to have great fulfilling lives and we believe – or rather we know – this will translate to amazing work for our clients.

Have Fun

I contribute to a balanced, positive and enjoyable atmosphere.

Client First

I am committed to Client Success and believe “A Promise Made is A Promise Kept.”

Be Real

I am open, honest, and respectful in my words and actions, every day to everyone.

Give Back

I volunteer my time, talents and creativity to build a better community, paying it forward to advance the well being of others.

Be Engaged

I actively participate, share ideas, embrace change and seek to understand, always working with the goal in mind.

Own It

I am empowered to take action, correct a wrong and do what I believe is right, regardless of the circumstances.

One Family

I am part of a family, collaborating, trusting and connecting with others, knowing no one member is more important than another and we are all committed to the same goal.

Netrix Annual Kickoff

Traditionally, the NKO is based near our headquarters in Chicago, IL. This year is something extra special. Netrix is flying the entire North American organization to the Dominican Republic. Netrix Worldwide, the international division of Netrix, LLC. held the first ever international kickoff in Goa, India – bringing together people from the United States, Bulgaria, and India.

What This Means For Our Employees

This is an invitation to you to help us be a better company. Whether you work for us, or we work for you, we want you to be part of our genuine engagement and our hard work. We believe we can make a difference as a company. That only can happen with your actions.

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