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Bridge Your Office and Remote Workers with Microsoft Teams 

Are your remote employees up and running with Teams? Let us show you how Microsoft Teams Rooms can help the transition back to the workplace.


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Your journey back to the office doesn't have to feel disjointed. By leveraging the right technology, you provide business continuity for your employees, connecting your office workers and remote workers with a seamless experience no matter where they are working.

Webinar Overview

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are working with the commercial real estate community and technology partners like Microsoft to ensure the path back to the workplace is one where technology can be leveraged to provide a safe workplace, adhere to social distancing principles, and deliver consumption models across all technology stacks.

In this 45 minute webinar, we'll discuss how Microsoft Teams Rooms can be leveraged to increase uniformity between the user experience at home and in the office. We'll also discuss how the technology can help your organization leverage a hybrid work from home/office environment that builds employee confidence and collaboration across offices, homes, and everywhere in between. We will finish the presentation with a demo of Surface Hub 2S.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand new Microsoft Teams features and get real-world examples how customers are solving business inefficiencies through the platform.
  • Learn how Microsoft Teams Rooms can increase productivity while maintaining social distancing standards in the office and enabling business continuity for employees working remotely.
  • Understand the benefits and functionality of Microsoft Teams Rooms.
  • You'll know if Microsoft Teams Rooms Solutions and Surface Hub 2S are right for your organization.

What We'll Cover

Microsoft Teams

Get a brief Teams "State of the Union" that will include the latest adoption numbers, new features in the roadmap, and real-world customer benefits, integrations, and utilization of Microsoft Teams as a platform.

Devices for your shared space

How do you know what devices you need for your shared space? There are a number of different variables to consider before making a selection. We'll cover what Microsoft Teams Room options are available and address the end-user needs that support your options.


Surface Hub 2S Demo

A live demo of Surface Hub 2S will uncover just how versatile and easy it is to use and how it integrates into other technologies in your business, making it a perfect fit for those with distributed workforces.

Meet the Speakers

Ryan Williams

Netrix, LLC

Partner/Director Modern Applications & Data Intelligence

Ryan is the in-house go-to expert for Microsoft Teams and has helped deploy over 60,000 licenses in 2020 alone. He works with organizations to enable governance around Teams and optimize the use of the platform. 

Derek Dezso


Channel incubation global black belt

Derek is not only a rockstar with a black belt in his title, he is intrumental in managing Microsoft channel relationships around Surface Hub. Derek also manages the US and Canada Authorized Device Distributors for Surface Hub and drives innovative business models for Microsofts 1st party devices.

Frank Buchholz


Senior Product Marketing Manager

A techical expert with over 30 years of experience in the computational arena, Frank designs, implements and supports Enterprise and Super Computing level solutions. Frank has helped solve critical business continuity solutions with Fortune 100 companies. 

Hosted by Brian Columbus

Netrix, LLC