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A key advantage in today’s competitive online marketplace is having software built especially for the way you do business. Well-built software applications can improve speed of a multitude of tasks, providing an advantage over the competition, improved efficiencies and analytics, and the ability to do more with existing data. Documents can be more readily available, organized, and secure. Great software applications also give you the ability to create workflows that are automated, rather than reliant on people to move them forward, and can be deployed to increase the productivity and profitability of virtually any business or organization.

The Netrix Custom Application Development Group helps clients make sense of how to create and employ software technologies successfully within their organization, automating manual processes at every opportunity. We build applications tailored to your business.We also help clients integrate solutions to meet business objectives and can integrate with software systems that are already in place.

We offer a host of application development solutions, with engineers available to work remotely or as part of a client’s existing team. Custom application and software solutions for web and mobile applications are developed by our team to meet our clients’ specific requirements. With our vast network of resources, we incorporate cloud solutions via Amazon Cloud Services or Microsoft Azure (we are Azure Certified developers). We’ve also built our own next generation cloud platform, and we offer database expertise that specifically helps clients implement safe, secure, and resilient solutions.

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Our pledge to our customers is to solve every problem in the most up-to-date solution available.

"As technologists, we feel it’s important to focus on communication because technology can take a lot of finesse to understand what it can do for you." Linda Shafer
Practice Manager

How We Do It

The Custom Application Development Group process begins with an examination of the business objectives and obstacles at hand. This is undertaken through a deep discovery phase that includes a technical and business assessment to uncover all challenges for today and for the years to come. In collaboration with clients, we work to build a solution and then ensure the implementation of that solution is a success.

We are committed to the Agile methodology for software development, which is an iterative approach. Every step of the way, the Netrix team shares and demonstrates progress to keep clients involved in the development of an application. This results in a continuous build of the application in a usable form, allowing clients to realize value sooner.

We have leading edge awareness and help our clients stay in tune with what’s coming next. We not only provide infrastructure, but we have an innovative software group to help your company build and deploy whatever it wants to create.

  • Microsoft development stack
  • Mobile development, including Hybrid and native development solutions
  • Javascript
  • Angular JS
  • Knockout
  • Azure



We commit ourselves to staying at the head of the curve of today’s technological trends. We’re experts at being up to date with the tools and technologies you need.

Our Work

App Development Case Study


A leading sales force consulting firm specializing in maximizing your company’s sales growth and profitability. Through in-depth sales analysis of people, systems and strategies, Intelligent Conversations can improve efficiency and profitability for your company with measurable, bottom line results.


Intelligent Conversations takes their clients through a program heavily focused on coaching and leadership, putting the onus on the sales manager to lead their team to success. A large part of this coaching program includes mentoring sales people to achieve their goals and utilize the resources they have available to become better at selling. Participants of the program struggled to record their goals and track their progress toward those goals. Managers also lacked the visibility to see goal progress, hindering their ability to coach at their fullest potential.


Netrix worked hand in hand with the client to build a robust dashboard application, including goal recording and tracking, weekly priority setting, coaching session, and curriculum management functionality. Netrix worked to develop the .NET application utilizing an agile methodology, allowing for iterative design and functionality improvements to be made to the application. The client continues to add new functionality to the application to better serve and further engage their growing client base.

The application was successful and resulted in competitive advantage, stickiness with their clients, and constantly evolving content for the app that included curriculum, goals, and new ideas. The client was also able to utilize the data from the app to monitor how actively their clients are using their methods. The software end users are achieving higher growth in sales.

Why We're Better

The Netrix Custom Application Development Group performs as though we are stakeholders in our client’s company, engaging on a deep level. Netrix custom applications clients are visionaries, and we work as part of their team to develop the perfect, future-proof application that can deliver ROI in continuous stages, measuring and developing solutions in an evolving approach. We believe in high standards of communication, as educating clients about what technology can do for them is key to uncovering software solutions that work.

We exist because organizations need great software, which can provide value to every business.

Our Custom Application Development Group process and team makes us completely unique, as we blend project management and technical expertise.

  • Our certifications and Microsoft Partnership

  • We have over 1,000 clients in the Netrix family, creating a broad knowledge base that helps us tackle a vast range of client projects.


We own it

From the executive offices to the folks in the trenches, every Netrix employee is committed to fix a problem where it is found. We ensure quality and excellent work from the ground up.

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