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A secure network should be a given, but it takes a lot of work and a dedicated team to keep it that way. The Netrix Security Services Practice Group helps clients adopt security best practices across all touchpoints: processes, people, and technology. From remediation services to being 21st century compliant, we address security vulnerabilities and shut down any security gaps, ensuring your business data is locked up securely.

In reviewing security architecture and policy, The Security Services Practice Group performs the following:

  • Intrusion prevention systems
  • Data in transit practices
  • Classification and protection of critical assets
  • Review of firewalls
  • Review of risk framework
  • Review of encryption practices
  • Review of access capabilities and securities

The Netrix Security Services Practice Group process begins with an assessment and remediation plan. Whether you already have a remediation plan in place, or you need to create one, we can help. Next our team reviews security policies and stakeholders by interviewing respective business owners to make sure policies are accurate and relevant. Once we review policies, we help our clients remediate, which can include a security update, a retooling of security, a consolidation of tools, and/or a replacement of tools. The Netrix Security Services Practice Group puts necessary measures in place to make sure you're properly protected.

We work with the following compliance frameworks:

  • SAAN
  • NIFT
  • ISO 2001
  • ISO 2002
  • PCI

The Security Services Practice Group installs layers of protection for all three phases of a security attack. If, for some reason, a breach has occurred in your company, we immediately perform reconnaissance to find out what happened. Then, we view what's occurring through database monitoring solutions and application layer recognition that provides visibility and creates awareness. To prevent future attacks, we install web application firewalls, malware protection tools, data loss prevention tools, and database monitoring tools. These allow us to to identify how and where systems were infiltrated in order to address future breaches.

The Netrix Security Services Practice Group can provide a robust and efficient approach to your security needs. Because of the size and flexibility of our team, we are able to respond more quickly to a security attack and provide more focus on each client as a top priority.

The Latest

There’s no argument that BYOD [or enterprise mobility] is here to stay, but in order to be successful, security needs to be a priority. Regardless of which solution you choose, each device and the content on it will need to be protected. Below is an infographic from Sophos demonstrating the impact malware can have on a smartphone.



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